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Group Mentorship Program for conscious people desiring to make an impact in the world from an awakened perspective through the use of the full potential of their mind and energy.

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Your Mind Is The Key To Your Business Success. Your Mind Is In Charge of Your Emotions and They Are In Charge of Your Energy...Which Is In Charge Of Your Success!

Most people assign the possibility for business success to external people and circumstances...

  • You feel you need to fix yourself all the time

  • You worry about money and business.

  • You procrastinate and change your decisions often

  • You often feel overwhelmed

  • You know you need to change something but you don't know what

  • Your partners and co-workers are not aligned with you

  • You feel you've tried it all and nothing works for you

Learning to use the dormant capacity of your mind at will to correct all of the above is easy and it works. Most people don’t know how to activate their mind and work with it. Instead, they either over-analyze situations, or drift in pointless meditations. Awaken Your Mind and you’ll finally get the good decision making and following it - the business success you’ve been looking for.

Awaken Your Mind for Business Success, So You Can:

Feel Self-confident and Purposeful in Your Ability to be Successful

Know thyself. How? Create Yourself - re-write your emotional associations that impact you negatively. Actively create the way you think, day by day, and programme desired situations aligned to your soul.

Then speak your truth and make your business a success!

Make the Right Business Choices

Are you deciding market to enter next, what product to launch and what your most profitable strategy should be? By awakening your mind to business success, you will learn to make the right choices that will lead you to success.

Instigate Support from Others

Get your personal and business partners to support you. This is integral to business success but also for your overall sense of fulfillment.

Here's How to Get Started In Three Easy Steps


Step 1: Book a 'Fit' Call

Let's get your questions answered and see how everything works. You can even get recommendations for a problem you are currently solving.


Step 2: Choose A Plan

You can choose between 5 months and 10 months of group mentorship. Payment plans are available.


Step 3: See Your Mind Awaken and Your Business Shine!

As you awaken your mind and energy, you will witness remarkable shift in your self-confidence, clarity, sense of purpose and soundness of your business decisions that will lead to your business success.

Investing In A High Level Mentorship Program Can Be Intimidating. How Effective It Is?

How Do You Know You're Making The Right Choice?

Greetings, I'm Zorina Dimitrova, a seasoned leader dedicated to guiding conscious individuals toward impactful success in business and life. With a mission to unlock the full potential of your mind and energy, I present the "Awakened Mind for Business Success" Group Mentorship Program.

I understand the challenges you face in achieving growth and success for your business from the perspective of being both an advisor and a business owner myself. I have been through the hurdles and in the trenches of starting and running a business. I have been through leaving a well-paid 'secure' job, through the non-support and non-understanding of others, through the complete reinvention of what I believe I can do and be.

So, who are you now?

Are you well-observant of the societal changes in the world?

Do you want to make an impact in service of humanity, where you also make money through a rewarding business? Maybe you have been in business for a while now but have reached a stand-still. Also, possibly, it never took off, or your business success was up and down. Perhaps, your soul is yearning to be expressed in a powerful way without compromising on your money, time or relationships.

It could be that you love your job and want to make an impact through your current career. Whatever your exact circumstance, there is something in you telling you now is the time for you to act and to show your powerful gifts to the world. Now is the time to create the statement ‘I have lived, and I did my best!’.

How Effective Is the Programme?

This is a life transforming group mentoriship programme! In the past I did not understand some very important mind and energy principles, namely:

  • 'Investing in yourself' is not a marketing gimmick. When you make a money commitment that makes you feel uncomfortable to strongly uncomfortable, you are committing to change. Now, you cannot not succeed, because the stakes are high! You conjure up your powers!

  • I have experience in facilitating successful changes in groups of people with mind and energy practices. Why does it matter? Because of my belief I can facilitate this change in you, I believe in your ability to change, and so I hold the energy for you that you will succeed.

  • The resourcefulness of the other participants in the group, on the same wavelength is just as valuable as the knowledge you will gain through the programme.

This programme is designed to awaken your soul and activate you to show as your best self -in life and business. It is focused on activating you for business success but as a result of the practices, you will benefit in all areas of your life.

Who is this for:

This programme is for you, if you are just starting, or are thinking of starting your own business.

If you are a business owner and want to take your business to the next level.

If you have been a business owner for a while now but are experiencing stagnation.

If you are still at a job and are thinking of investing your life force into something more fulfilling.

If you’re a stay-at-home mom and want to start a part-time business

If you are looking to grow your career at your current job ü  If you want to learn energy-information/consciousness tools, techniques, and points of view that will take your life fulfillment to a whole new level.

If you want to work on yourself and achieve irreversible changes in your self- perception. These changes include eliminating the Big 5 Negative Emotions and the Main Limiting Beliefs and Decisions

We will be using proven techniques to re-programme your mind for success: re-programme limiting beliefs, fears around money and success, and even money trauma and karma. You will be clean slate after this programme!

Together, we will take a deep dive (yet easy) into your mindset patterns and habits and I will give you tools to keep your success mindset in check. We will engage in mind programming of situations for future success with the Silva method - known as Manifestation.

Not least, you will get support on your business strategy related questions, alongside the energetic strategy perspective. Read ‘About me’ to learn about my credentials, and 'Program' for more details on what's in the group mentorship.

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I understand you may be skeptical about the effectiveness of any programme. You may doubt that this will work for you. I also understand that you don't want to waste your time with woo-woo teachers and you may be someone who does not enjoy meditation, or spiritual practices. You are a person of action. And this is great, because the practice of activating and applying your intuition is called 'work in alpha', and it is a prerequisite for my engagement with you and for your success that you take action!

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